Guidelines for Discussing Songs in Playtesting

There seems to be some confusion on this sub-forum about what is acceptable to post here vs what is ok to post on To help clear things up I'm reposting something from a previous thread on this topic.

Pay close attention to the parts I've bolded:
HMXThrasher;3537253 said:

Look, it's fair to assume that songs that make it to the playtest process may become public knowledge. You can use the prospective songs thread to discuss songs that you think may be coming to RBN - more indepth discussion regarding drafts or versions of songs in playtest or PR should remain on the forums themselves.

If, for some reason, any of you are contacted by a band or their management about taking down information regarding their songs that you've posted, please send an email to [email][/email] for guidance and assistance resolving the issue.

Please keep in mind that just because a song shows up in playtest, that does not mean that it will ultimately come to the RBN store - that's important to keep in mind as you discuss artists that you're excited to see coming to RBN and another reason why such discussions should stay in the realm of "prospective songs."
Again, please keep discussions about the version of a song, the mechanics of a particular draft, etc... on creators - that is where they belong.
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