How often is the RB Xbox store updated?

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If I put this question in the wrong forum, sorry.

I've been waiting for a RB update only to have the Lady Gaga, and punk pack released while two songs that i'm dying to get are only available on
"online download", meaning on the Xbox site. Since I was stupid enough to put my actual age of 16 (when I got Live) on my xbox I can't buy content online on (gay) So I was wondering when the next FULL RB store update will be.

I'm waiting for
Battle Royale- The Word Alive (80ms)
" I'm made of wax larry, what are you made of?" -A Day to Remember (160ms)


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    well you're asking about two different stores the ones you listed on the bottom are in the rock band network store and I don't know about the word alive but the ADTR song has been there for about a week now. the lady gaga songs and " the punk pack" as you called it are in the rock band music store I think it's called ingame it's the one with official Hmx-made dlc not rock band network made songs and that one is updated every tuesday morning. Lady Gaga has been there since last week and the X pack (I'm geussing you meant that by punk pack) will be there tomorrow morning.

    to clarify a little bit I'm pretty sure you have to go through the music store option in the main menu of the rock band 2 game itself and when you click that there should now be two options listed one that should say rock band network. That is where the ADTR song and that other song you listed in the bottom of the Op should be, the other option is a seperate store with its own set of songs.
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    the "official" in game store, 2-3 times a week

    the website is updated as songs hit it(it is highly recomended not to go here to get them, because they arent 100% official and have been taken down from it before they have gone live in some cases)
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