edge - under water i drown

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i just came across the link to the video preview from rhythmauthors of the edge track, under water i drown:


of course, i'm on the ps3 so i'm s.o.l. on playing the track, but from what i can see it looks really good. i'm 99.9999% of the time playing drums, and i'm really stoked to be able to play it. i saw the preview in the 'drummers delight' video and can't wait 'till this is available (hopefully) on the ps3.

the drums don't look so difficult i'd fail out instantly (*like visions on expert for me). the band has a really cool sound and i'm hopeful for more tracks. :D

have any of you lucky xbox owners out there had a chance to play the song yet? what do you think? the guitar part doesn't look like it's too tough, but the vocals and drums look like they would be a good challenge.
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