Web Content Week of 3/22 - 3/25

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Four Tracks from Pioneer Punk Band X, Plus Singles from Carrie Underwood, Ace Frehley, and OneRepublic


New To RBN: 3/19/10

Here are the songs new to the Rock Band Network this past week, including songs from Drowning Pool, Flight of the Conchords, Third Eye Blind, Clutch, All That Remains, and more!

Green Day: Rock Band Makes Its Debut In Style http://www.rockband.com/zine/gdrb-debut

HMXCaseyMalone recounts a Rock Band night out at Game Developers Conference featuring Green Day: Rock Band's first public appearance, plus HMXJohnD rocking out Cartman-style on Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."

HMX Vs. Media Molecule: Bring It On!

In The Escapist’s March Mayhem Developer Showdown, Media Molecule and Harmonix were pitted against each other. HMXMilo brings his best trash talk.

Harmonix Panels at PAX East


Coming to PAX East in Boston? Check out this list of PAX East 2010 Panels featuring Harmonix developers and community members.

PAX East: Rated C for Charity


We’ve teamed up with our local buddy Turbine and our friends at Joystiq to put together a killer series of raffle prizes. Tickets cost one dollar and will give you the chance to win one of twelve (that’s right, twelve) amazing prizes. The best part? Every penny will be going to Child’s Play at the end of the weekend.


Want to know what RBN tracks the Harmonix employees are buying? Here's the scoop.

RBN Insider’s Look: Authors, Part I


EthicalPaul tells how he got started in RBN, what it's like to get feedback from the peer review community, and how awesome it is to see your song live in the store.
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