IF Ingrid Michaelson were in Rock Band, this is what it would look like...

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Didn't know where it would be best to post this, but I need some help in getting views for a video contest that Ingrid Michaelson put up. The premise for the contest was to perform her single "Everybody" in some way. She threw out ideas like "do it a capella, perform it with your band, get your school choir to sing it, make a dance to do to it, or perhaps do a puppet show to go along with it". Well, I opted to make a custom Rock Band track for it and get my family to perform along with it. ^_^ So, I'd really love it if I could get some of you here in the Rock Band Network community to help get me some more views on the video!


And, as I say on the page, this is in no way saying that Ingrid has any intention to come to Rock Band. I just thought this was a creative way to enter the contest, and I am only using this song as allowed for use in the video for entering the contest.

Go and check it out, and please get some of your other Rock Band or Ingrid fans to do the same!

Thanks! ^_^


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