Patch for RBN access pulled from XBL?

Vyse86Vyse86 Opening Act
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I just bootet up Rock Band 2 for the first time after almost half a year (I have been studying abroad, so I couldn't play for that long). While I did indeed get to DL and install a new patch, that was apparently only the one for better HoPo chords and star sorting. Selecting the Music Store option in the main menu tosses me right into the old Music Store, so it seems like I have no way of accessing RBN. I've restarted the game several times without getting the prompt to install another new patch.

Am I missing something? It seems to me like the patch for RBN isn't available anymore, since I'm still connected to XBL (if I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to access the normal music store, either). If that was the case, I couldn't find words for how much that would suck :(

PS: I'm in Germany and RBN is supposed to be available here.


  • lotr rocks 0lotr rocks 0 Road Warrior
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    Well; there's this weird glitch for me on RB where if its the first disk that my Xbox reads after I turn it on, it says that I'm not connected to XBL even though I am, and won't let me into RBN store. If I sign out of XBL and back in again, it fixes it. Maybe try doing this?
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    Make sure you can read the message of the day. You need to be connected to Rock Central to access the store.
  • Vyse86Vyse86 Opening Act
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    It randomly showed up another restart later, although I don't understand why... I could even download one whole song before my Xbox lost connection to the crap internet connection I am stuck with right now.

    Well, at least I know that it will work now. I think (not) waiting for the Message of the Day also had something to do with it.
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