Could I get some clarification?

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OK so I recently have purchased some MS points and was excited to buy some RBN songs.

I know that Footloose and Fancy Free was only available off of for whatever reason I have forgotten. So when I go to buy it, it says it's free and I was sort of confused, then tells me that this offer is no longer available.

Maybe I am a little late to this party (I did a quick search on the forums and didn't find anything too relevant to my interests) but would someone please explain.

Oh yeah, the marketplace has been having some issues so this could also be a problem, and aren't they re-doing a Blondie song so this could be what's up as well.


  • ThatAuthoringGroupThatAuthoringGroup Numero Uno Super **** Fanboy #1
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    This song was having copyright issues which is why it was pulled.

    It should be back up for sale(hopefully) soon.
  • SayburrSayburr The Always Informative Rock Band Forum Guru
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    If I am not mistaken, Footloose and Fancy Free has not actually been released yet, it is still being worked on by the charters.

    Blondie's Atomic is also still being worked on by the EMI charter.

    EDIT: Noble is the RBN gawd of knowledge!
  • RoboGripRoboGrip Unsigned
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    Oh ok thanks guys, I just thought it was weird that is was still on the marketplace, but I guess they left the Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition stuff up even though it was unavailable.
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