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This all was an April Fool's joke, guys. Maybe the thread can be closed?

NEW YORK—After laboring in obscurity for years, a Brooklyn indie musician has graduated to the majors.

Universe Records said Thursday that it had signed indie songwriter James William Roy after a producer happened upon a younger brother playing one of the Brooklyn rocker's songs on the popular rhythm game Rock Band. Producer Marty DiBergi had this to say: "Christ, I can't stand that game. My kid brother plays day and night, though, and the kids seem to like it. But when I heard 'The Pape' (Roy's "Paper Valentines") I was (expletive deleted) hooked, you know? Called him that night, signed him next morning. I'm going to retire on this, mark my words."

Roy's first album on Universe, however, will be a reissue of his earliest cassette release, "Birthday Girl." Noted for its "lo-fi" production values all but obscuring its charming, slacker-rock songwriting, it seems to be a surprising move for a major label breakthrough. When quizzed on the choice, DiBergi and Roy were in complete agreement. "It's the smartest choice economically," DiBergi admitted. "And with the project complete, and still all but unheard, why not get it out right away?""It's already in the can, man," said Roy. I've got my advance, why should I blow it on the studio when the s**t's done?"

Roy and DiBergi hope to have the whole album available on the Rock Band Network by the beginning of Summer. In a possibly controversial move, each track of the lo-fi opus will be priced at 240msp/$3. When pressed on the subject, Roy explained: "Come off it, man. The whole thing's been up on Amie Street for the price of a happy hour draft for like a year and I haven't seen a dime from them. I've got fifty plus songs on my website for free. And now that I've got some cred, they still want a free ride? F*** the fans, man. I got bills to pay."

Roy's longtime producer and collaborator, Markleford Friedman, had this to say: "James did WHAT? How did you get this number? Don't call here again."

James added, "I'm just pulling your leg, chief. Totally not signed at all. And anyway, I'm not releasing Birthday Girl on Rock Band until I can get FOUR bucks a pop for it."


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