DLC Discussion Thread - 4/6/10 - Skillet, Switchfoot, Anberlin, and more!

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HMXHenry;3607421 said:
Hey gang,

Next week's DLC will bring you 6 singles and it also adds 6 artists never previously seen in the Rock Band library! Woo hoo for new things!

Available on Xbox 360 and Wii (April 6) and PlayStation 3 system (April 8):

Anberlin – “Feel Good Drag”
Hawk Nelson – “Live Life Loud”
Skillet – “Monster”
Superchick – “Stand in the Rain”
Switchfoot – “Meant to Live”
Thousand Foot Krutch – “Fire It Up”

(All tracks are original master recordings)

These tracks will be available as individual tracks on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Wii. All tracks will also be available for download in the family-friendly LEGO® Rock Band Music Store.

$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) per track

$2.00 USD (200 Wii Points™) per track

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

To discuss this DLC please visit the official discussion thread in Community's Greatest Hits.

For all DLC song credits and other juicy details you can check out The Music page.

And for awesome background information on this content you can head on over to the Rock Band 'Zine for brand new articles!
New Bands!


  • MooTrainMooTrain Rising Star
    edited April 2010
    Is that the third or fourth song named Monster?
  • Starfleet_RamboStarfleet_Rambo Headliner
    edited April 2010
    Thank you for the Anberlin track!!
  • jimburyjimbury Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    don't know any of them but i'll have a listen, could be dropping a few more quid into the rbn instead though if anything nice turns up
  • sieesiee Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    I requested Anberlin, but it wasn't that song! PAH!
  • JoshVanHalen87JoshVanHalen87 Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    are they all christian bands? :S nothing wrong with that, i just wanna know.
  • naeandpetenaeandpete Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    Looking forward to next Thursday. Skillet, TFK, Switchfoot, Hawk Nelson. . .All good stuff.
  • WhizKidRavenWhizKidRaven Rising Star
    edited April 2010
    Easter = Christian Rock Bands that (for the most part) are pretty awesome! Pleasant surprise, especially for Skillet. I've been a fan of that band for 13 years...nice to see them get their moment (although it's not even CLOSE to their best song...check 'em out!)
  • foofighterfan4Mccainfoofighterfan4Mccain Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    cmdrxym;3607474 said:
    But by that same token, most weeks shouldn't be utter crap weeks.
    Damn it! have You listened to the SONGS, please do before you say that these are utter crap, Meant to Live is a very poular song that alot of people know and these artists aren't some indie acts, they are pretty popular but not like some huge bands.
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
    edited April 2010
    I'm familiar with the Switchfoot track and a friend of mine is huge on Amberlin other than that I really don't know what to make of the week. It's not really that diverse, but there's still 6 new bands, I'm sure there's some people happy.
  • jimburyjimbury Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    will we be getting muslim rock bands for ramadan?
  • alex_rbalex_rb Opening Act
    edited April 2010
    I wonder which version we're getting of "The Feel Good Drag"? The original 2005 version or the 2008 re-record? I'd guess probably the latter one.

    Edit: I didn't noticed the title didn't have "the" in it. That definitely confirms we're getting the 2008 version. I much prefer the original, but oh well.
  • Focus90Focus90 Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    Huh, wait, who??? Never heard of them...
  • Rawker31Rawker31 Opening Act
    edited April 2010
    Very excited for Skillet, TFK, and Anberlin, although it would have been nice to have a better Skillet song. Might get Switchfoot as that was the only song I ever appreciated from them. I'll have to check out the other two.
  • naeandpetenaeandpete Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    bandaddy;3607453 said:
    Total crap. This should come out on RBN. Give us good stuff!
    Seems like a well thought out post. Did you even listen to any of the songs?
  • kitlerckitlerc Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    At first I was like "Oh ****! That's disappointing!"

    Then I did the reasonable thing and actually gave the songs a shot. Yay YouTube!
    But I was still all like "That's disappointing!" Which means... Yay songs from RBN week!

    Oh, and this only reminded me of how we don't have "Fire It Up" by Black Label Society. (From GH1 for those non-GH buffs out there) That song was moderately awesome.
  • cmdrxymcmdrxym Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    foofighterfan4Mccain;3607492 said:
    Damn it! have You listened to the SONGS, please do before you say that these are utter crap, Meant to Live is a very poular song that alot of people know and these artists aren't some indie acts, they are pretty popular but not like some huge bands.
    Not popular with me. Never heard of them before. They might be good...I might actually listen and buy them (but I doubt it). But that's not why I started playing RB. I don't need to learn new songs just to play a game, when there's so many more well-known songs (read: older songs) out there that haven't seen the light of day in RB.

    When I say utter crap, I mean that it's another week of relying on the Network for maybe 1 new song. It's crap to wait another week for HMX to deliver the goods, only to find myself staring at the computer screen in complete confusion and/or disappointment. No offense to the actual bands, but I could really care less about current music for the most part. I'm not in their demographic.
  • PlutarchPlutarch Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    foofighterfan4mccain said:
    Damn it! have You listened to the SONGS, please do before you say that these are utter crap,
    But you see, that would be making an informed judgment, and such a thing went out of fashion years ago, especially on the internet. It's much easier to lash out blindy with unsupported dogma...because after all, Rock Band revolves around him and only him!

    I admit I didn't see the Easter connection right away, I suppose that's appropriate.
  • NickzillaNickzilla Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    jimbury;3607501 said:
    will we be getting muslim rock bands for ramadan?
    I feel the exact same way
  • folkeyefolkeye Headliner
    edited April 2010
    So far, until I Youtube all of them.... all I can say is...Thank you RB for saving me hundreds of dollars this year.

    Guess I need to find a different game for a few months then check out the offerings.
  • I_Use_ShamwowsI_Use_Shamwows Rising Star
    edited April 2010

    ...Man when is GWAR coming to the RBN....?
  • NoMoreVillainsNoMoreVillains DIY Bacon
    edited April 2010
    This is a pleasant surprise. I'll have to get the Superchick track for my sisters. I am somewhat familiar with the other bands with the exception of Skillet.
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited April 2010
    These bands don't appeal to me in the slightest, but I can't complain with how awesome last week was for me.
  • NYRMattNYRMatt Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    One of my favorite DLC weeks ever, I'm shocked at the reputation of this week so far...

    They could have used a better Superchick song (but Stand in the Rain is not too bad!), I would have preferred Alive, just because it is amazing. It is sung by a female, which is nice for variety in Rock Band.

    I HIGHLY recommend everyone take a listen to Feel Good Drag by Anberlin. One of my favorite songs of all-time.

    I haven't heard Switchfoot in a while actually. Thousand Foot Krutch is in NHL, I don't mind that song.

    I'll probably get about 5 songs this week. Which is a huge addition, honestly.
  • Grimman_DarkGrimman_Dark Rising Star
    edited April 2010
    All I've heard is the Skillet track and the TFK track. Both are absolutely terrible.

    Will definately skip this week. It'll take a while for DLC to get back up on it's feet after Hendrix....
  • afterstasisafterstasis Washed Up
    edited April 2010
  • OsperoOspero Rising Star
    edited April 2010
    sonicnerd23;3607449 said:
    Oh, boy. Modern bands that I don't care for. =/

    Oh, well. Whatever makes HMX the most money, I guess...
    Um...what? That doesn't begin to make the slightest bit of sense, you know...if HMX were out to get the most money possible, they'd be releasing songs that people have actually heard about, by bands that have some name recognition.

    And to everyone here who said it: Stop with the "this should be on RBN", please. Did anyone honestly believe HMX would completely turn their publishing strategy on its ear after RBN started? That would be a ) pretty odd after over two years of DLC, b ) pretty damn stupid and c ) a slap in the face to the PS3 and Wii players. RBN is not generally available for everyone, it would be nice to remember that every once in a while.

    I'll have to listen to all of this, since I've actually not heard of even one of these bands. Surprise me, HMX. And please not in the Little Fish kind of way.
  • 0Sk8r00Sk8r0 Opening Act
    edited April 2010
    foofighterfan4Mccain;3607454 said:
    A Christian band week.....Awesome since I'm a believer, Switchfoot is awesome, Definete buy, Anberlin's a maybe, Hawk nelsons okay, I wish relient K had been included this week
    Same! :D Except for Hawk Nelson. I used to love them, but lately (as in their last two cds) they've been crap (not to mention their lead singer is a complete jerk...).

    I wish it would've been some RK instead of HN as well. But hey, beggars can's be choosers :rolleyes: I'm just glad we're getting some the songs we're getting!

    I'll never forget the time I went to see Switchfoot (they played with Emery, another amazing band imo). That was one of the best shows I've ever been to...unless the RK/Paramore show I'm going to next month tops it! haha :p
  • FujiSkunkFujiSkunk Headliner
    edited April 2010
    Awesome stuff! My roommate will have to join me in playing the game now!

    So.... would TobyMac, Audio Adrenaline and Reliant K be too much to ask for? :D
  • KlodrikKlodrik Opening Act
    edited April 2010
    Wow, all Christian bands huh? Oh well, Monster is cool and Anberlin sounded interesting.
  • MonsterZeroMonsterZero Banned
    edited April 2010
    Who?????????????? Wow really thought we might get something to dl.
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