Stan Bush Come to Rock Band Network PLZ!!

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Im sure im not the only one who is hoping that one day we might get stan bush getting himself on rock band network.

Yes he's famous for his masterful Transformers Movie tune "The Touch". But he's written and released some great music over the years and i would love to see some of it coming to RBN .

something along the lines of these tracks (if you havnt heard of some of them check them out they are awesome)

- The Touch
- Dare <<< My Personal Fave
- Till All Are One (Transformers Theme)
- I'll Never Fall
- This Moment
- Language Of The Heart (sounds like Katrina and the Waves lol)

and **** it whilst your at it put in

The Transformers Theme by Lion

i know this stuff isnt for everybody but im sure Stan Bush would make some well earned cash from this

: D


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