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Hi all, I work as an independent author on the RBN and am starting to sign a good deal of bands/artists. To make myself look more professional I would like to set up a website and establish a name for myself (possibly a charting group). Also, I have some great (and I mean GREAAAAAAT) deals in the making but it makes me look unprofessional to them since I have no website or official company name. However, I have no experience making websites, AND on top of that I have no credit cards or any way of paying for said website (money is no problem, just no means to pay it). Does anyone know any free alternatives (that won't look crappy like free webs) or any way I could do this? If anyone would like to help me in doing this (either buy getting a domain for me or helping me construct a website) I would be more than happy to compensate you whether it be by mailing you a check/money order, or something like getting you some MS points if you'd prefer that. This is something I'd really like to do, but as I said, can't be done without help. Thanks.
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