RBN songs vs. music store DLC

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Since I'm on PS3 and don't have access to RBN (yet), I have a question about the differences b/w regular DLC and the RBN songs.

It is my understanding that the DLC songs available in the music store are charted and QA tested by the HMX developers. So, are the RBN songs ones that are charted by the artists themselves? Or are they given to 3rd party users to chart for them?

I was just curious that if HMX isn't directly responsible for the charting and quality control of the songs, is the quality of some of the songs "questionable" (eg. missing notes, audio quality, incorrectly charted, etc.)

I'd like to hear from any Xbox users what they think


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    Both, you can chart them yourself given that you have the right tools and equipment, but the majority of the songs are given to 3rd party users such as Rock Gamer Studios and Rhythm Authors.

    HMX isnt (well shouldnt be) held responsible for quality, thats the authors and XNA members job.

    So far most of the RBN songs are top notch charting just like HMX so their isnt that much of a concern over quality, if a song has something wrong with it, it'll get found in PT/PR.
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    I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I don't know where to start looking, how is the lip sync and instrument sync for the characters? It's probably not as good as regular disc songs and DLC, but is the difference very noticeable? It doesn't matter very much, as there are several songs I'd buy immediately if or when they make it to the PS3 no matter what, but I'm just curious.
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    Just as you said, the syncs aren't perfect but they're okay.

    A good author will do anything possible to try to cover any weak points in the sync (camera cuts, etc)
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    Yeah the lip synch is auto generated and of course certain songs or singing styles can give it fits.

    The death metal 'talkies' style of music seems to give it the most problems as it is using some sort of sound recognition to tell the character when and how to open their mouths.

    When you get a long held growly sounding note the characters tend to clench their teeth and open their lips up like they are snarling or something, even when they should have their mouths open.

    It's something we as testers are aware of and are constantly trying to help keep it masked by bringing up any glaring instance of the characters being fully on camera and doing something with their mouths that doesn't jibe with what is being sung.

    It can't be masked 100% but we're doing the best we can with what we've got :)
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