The Bags - Cavemen Rejoice: Would you buy it

GeneralGilliamGeneralGilliam Opening Act
edited April 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Hey, so I contacted The Bags, makers of the GH1 songs Cavemen Rejoice about the RBN. They're interested, however they're worried they won't make enough through it and they will end up spending more to get it made then they bring in. So, I'm creating this poll to get some support for The Bags and show them that the players on the RBN would be interested in getting The Bags up on there. Here is a link to Cavemen Rejoice (GH1 FC) in case you live under a rock and never heard it lol.

Also, this could possibly be the difference between them getting onboard with the RBN or not, so please vote and post! Thanks.


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