A Little Suggestion for the RBN

OSS045OSS045 Unsigned
edited April 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Umm yeah I'd like to just say that it'd be a lot easier for people to find songs that they like or have heard of if the RBN was set up like the music store, in which the songs are all listed in order by title, artist, etc. You see the songs right in front of you, as with the RBN you have to select either title, artist, etc then select a letter and hope that the song/band your looking for is there to begin with. If you were to do it like the music store, I think it'd be so much easier to find songs. If you agree with me, I'd appreciate it if you voiced out your opinion.

If you don't like this idea, I'm sorry. Just thought I'd throw an idea out. Please don't flame on me too badly. O and if this isn't where I shouldve posted this then forgive me and tell me where. I'm new to this forum setup.


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