Would anyone like to check out a new, up-and-coming ska/punk band form Wisconsin?

JediJoeJediJoe Opening Act
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If you would, head over to the Myspace or (preferred) Facebook at Pilot's Myspace and Pilot's Facebook respectively

If you check us out, please tell me what you think, any and all feedback is desired, thank you for your time!

Some good songs to start off with on the Facebook would be Career Criminal and Trippin' The Rift, they translated really well into acoustic.

Some good songs to start off with on the Myspace would be Trippin' The Rift and Don't Sit Down, just dont mind the obnoxiously loud saxophone.

Also, keep in mind that we only have live acoustic stuff on the Facebook, and old live plugged-in on the Myspace, we are recording at a studio throughout this week, and will upload the good recordings as we finish them.

Thank you again!


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