Doomsday Party is finally here!

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After a small legal shindig, Sybreed's Doomsday Party is finally available in the Rock Band Network Marketplace!

For those thinking that it could be a different version or they would be forced to repurchase the song, the song released today is the exact same that was on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and you don't have to download it again.

Here's the breakdown:
We, Sybreed, can play it heavy or 'poppy', but it always tastes different from the regular metal bands, and while playing this song you will feel this difference: play fast and loud but don’t forget to be groovy, or you won’t be able to make it through the "Doomsday Party", the very last celebration before the end of the world.

"Doomsday Party" is now available on Xbox 360s everywhere for 80 Microsoft Points! ($1 US) Boot up Rock Band 2 and select 'Music Store.' Then select 'Rock Band Network' and use the menus to navigate to "Doomsday Party" by Sybreed. You can also download a free demo version or listen to a preview clip.

The song features unique in-game lighting effects and animations to take advantage of the awesome mood and rhythm in "Doomsday Party," with the playable tracks being unrivaled in challenge yet extremely fun.

Feel a blood like gasoline pumping in your veins, the free fall feeling of endomorphins just as the music accelerates again until your heart, synchronized to the beat, reaches the point of cardiac arrest. You need a very last shredding before the Apocalypse? This song was made for you. Don’t hesitate, whatever it takes, to be evil, to be heavy yet sexy, to make your console beg for mercy for you will never say 'Uncle' before your fingers bleed.

At first you will love it, then you will hate it, all of this fast forward.
Marketplace Link

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.


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