Sonichu: The Animated Series theme song is coming to RBN!

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The theme song to the popular Internet cartoon series based on the bizarre adventures of Christian Weston Chandler will be appearing in the Rock Band Network!

Sonichu: The Animated Series follows Christian Weston Chandler (aka Chris-Chan) on his Love Quest to find a boyfriend-free girl to make his "sweetheart built-from-the-ground-up". He is also the mayor of his own city, CWCville, full of true and honest original characters, including Sonichu and Rosechu. Check out the series on YouTube and ZAP TO THE EXTREME.

WARNING: The series contains very graphic and not safe for work material. Please watch at your own risk.

The theme song contains some inappropriate lyrics, so we are working with the artist behind the song, Drouxtheshredder, to create new Rock Band-friendly lyrics to replace them. To listen to the uncensored true and honest original version, click here:
WARNING: Not safe for work.

As a bonus, Drouxtheshredder will also bring the theme song for "Asperchu", the brother of Sonichu, to the Network. to hear that song, click here:


The Sonichu: TAS theme song is sponsored by Punk-O-Matic 2. The game helped bring together the song, so you know it's awesome! To create your own kick-ass rock n roll music, please visit


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