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I sent this to HMXThrasher and to see if they would like to post it... but just in case they don't here are the final results. Be sure to check out the band and songs listed:

Rock Band Network first opened its virtual doors the first week of March 2010. Most of the bands and record labels are releasing songs that are lesser known to the general public and because of this many of the songs being released are unknown to the majority of Rock Band players.

In order to help generate exposure for the bands releasing music through the Rock Band Network a series of polls were started on the user forums by fans of the game who have no official association with Harmonix.

This series of polls simply asked what was the best song to be released through the Rock Band Network for each week in the month of March, where the day of Friday ended in the month. Since the last week of March’s Friday actually fell in April the March 27-31st releases will be counted in the April poll for the best song of the month. The songs with the highest votes were then entered into another poll asking which of the songs considered the best songs for each week was the best song to be released in the month.

While the research method was very unscientific it did produce interesting results. First, lets look at the weekly winners. Since, this article is to help promote the songs, the ultimate winner for the month is not being listed as the weekly winner, instead the second place finisher is listed.

The first week of the Rock Band Network saw a massive influx of songs being released for Rock Band. Well over 100 songs were released, but a few of those songs stood out among the crowd. Because there was such a large number of songs released the debut week’s top three songs are given instead of the top song for the week.

Debut Week:
The B.O.L.T. – “Genius”
Flogging Molly – “Drunken Lullabies”
Marillion – “Whatever Is Wrong With You”

Week 2:
Flight of the Conchords – “The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)”

Week 3:
Drowning Pool – “Bodies”

Week 4:
Damone – “Roll the Dice”

The fan favorite song for the month of March ended up being tied between two songs. Both of these songs swapped position between #1 and #2 throughout the week of voting, but when the final vote was counted, both songs were tied as the RBN Fan’s Choice of the Month:

Bang Camaro – “Push Push (Lady Lightning)”
Quartered – “Africa”

Congratulations to the two bands who the fans of Rock Band have deemed the best songs released through the Rock Band Network for the month of March 2010.

Voting for the month of April has started with the weekly best song polls at the following Sub Forum on the Rock Band official forums:


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