Help!! Big problem with DLC/ saving data

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Hi! I have a few problems with Beatles Rockband and Rockband 2 that I cannot figure out. First- when I try to browse songs to buy in the Beatles music store- this comes up "There is not enough available space in the Wii system to connect to the server. Create 1 block of free space either by moving data to an SD card or by deleting data in the data managment screen." I moved a bunch of stuff to my 4GB SDHC card. The Wii menu says there are 1706 blocks open, and the SD card has 25,549. It will not even let me look at the songs. And when I go on the SD card menu, from the home screen, it's blank. If I look at the SD card in the data management area, all the stuff I moved is there. I am extremely confused and have no idea how to fix this.
Also, when my Rockband 2 is loading, this message comes up "The device inserted in the SD Card slot cannot be used" and next "SD card mode has been disabled". But all the songs I purchased always come on so I can play them. I don't know what the hell is going on! Please help!! Thanks! Jen :confused:


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    It seems that I apparently have a similar problem:
    my SD card runs smoothly with Beatles Rock Band and contains all the available downloadable content.
    When running RB2, this SD card is not recognised. I have consequently downloaded a limited amount of material to the Wii harddisk, as the SD mode is descativated.
    I tried a brand new SD card (same reference as the one used in Beatles rock band), and the same issue occured with RB2.

    I would be very interested in reading some advice/recommendations to solve this issue.

    Thanks !
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    Rockband 2 will not accept a SD Card larger then 2GB, but TB:RB will accept a SD Card larger then 2GB. When switching between RB2 and TB:RB, you will have to swap SD Cards. If you are using a 4GB SD Card for both games, you will have to move or copy the RB2 files from the larger SD Card to the 2GB SD card. The easiest way to do this is to copy all the files on the larger SD Card to the 2GB SD Card and keep both handy when switching between RB2 & TB:RB.

    Any questions, feel free to email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]
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