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Hey guys, Wes here from Ultra Saturday. Me and the guys have been thinking up ways to get a bit more involved in the RBN stuff. So we decided to run a little contest for fun.

The Prize : Signed copy of our " Get Back'N The Studio " EP featuring "Superhero!" , "Not My Fault" , "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and more. Each person will also get a 30 minute Band Quickplay session with all of us.

What you have to do: Post 100% pictures or videos of our currently available songs (Including vocals) . The first person to provide proof for each part will be the winner.

Sounds easy enough right?

Good luck to everyone!

P.S : Only scores or runs starting now will be accepted.

Check U.S out at www.myspace.com/ultrasaturday or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ultra-Saturday/233047837584


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    Hey dude - it's really awesome that you want to get more involved with RBN and to spread the word about your tracks.
    For a variety of reasons (legal and otherwise) we can't allow the promotion of contests on these forums that drive traffic to third party sites. You can definitely put your band's site into your signature, you can tweet the tinyurl of the contest at us on twitter, you can (obviously) host a contest from your own site - we just can't let it be driven from here.
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