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Hello kind sirs

So is there any chance we'll get to experience or even upload songs to RBN in the near future? Kind of annoying to log into RB2 every day and see all this hype and shizzles about rbn and then 90% of the world not being able to access it :'(

Please know that we have a huge interest in up/downloading songs over here too, don't just cater to the americans please.


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    To answer your question, have to split it into two:

    Purchasing RBN content - That's all on Microsoft. They dictate which countries are able to purchase XNA, hence RBN, content. As of now...
    XNA FAQ" said:
    In which regions are Xbox LIVE Indie Games available for purchase?
    Consumers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Singapore and Spain are able to download Xbox LIVE Indie Games for purchase. We are continually working to add additional regions.
    Publishing RBN content - This one's (probably) on HMX, and right now only those in the US can publish content. Guessing it has something to do with IP rights or payments or somesuch that gets uber complicated when it gets international. The way around that for those in the States is to have a US proxy publish stuff for you. Sucks, I know, but better than nothing.
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    Was I the only person thought that this thread would be about Europe the band?
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    A New Pyro Fool;3640541 said:
    Was I the only person thought that this thread would be about Europe the band?
    dont we all wish
    we need more Europe
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    I have no links from related threads to spam here for you. I suppose I can grab the "RBN for Australia" thread and this one and start a list? I can only assume Europe and elsewhere outside the US will start getting RBN around the same time as the PS3 and Wii do, but don't quote me. As far as uploading, that one might be on Microsoft. There's a saying about people who assume, and I think the people who believe said people who assume need to re-evaluate their lives and set their priorities in order.
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