RBN Song of the Week - Apr 10 - 16

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This is for public vote of the best song from the week, but because the polling system on these forums is limited to ten entries we are going to be forced to do this manually. Only songs listed on Noble’s “RBN New Release Thread” will be included.

1) Copy the songs from the previous post and, if necessary, add the song you want to vote for to your post.

2) Delete the notation from the previous poster that shows which song they added “1” to, signifying which song they voted for.

3) At the end of the song title: Add a “+1” showing which song you’re voting for. Add or change to total count after and “=” sign to show the total amount of votes that song has received.

4) Reorder the songs that have received a vote in order by the total number of votes received. And then by Artist Name for those who have the same number of votes.


Post #2 (first post will be a list of songs, person replying will add their choice and put “1” out from it)
Bif Naked – Sick +1 = 1
Post #3 (copies previous post, deleted previous poster’s “+1” and adds their own choice)
Bif Naked – Sick = 1
Dear and the Headlights - Talk About +1= 1
Post #4 (copies previous post, and since this person agrees with the author of the third post just adds “1” to the total. Then the person will rearrange list to put highest number at the top)
Dear and the Headlights - Talk About +1 = 2
Bif Naked – Sick = 1
Post #5 (Adds another new song. Since this song will have one vote and is alphabetically higher than the song already listed it is placed in the middle)

Dear and the Headlights - Talk About = 2
Amberian Dawn - He Sleeps in a Grove +1 = 1
Bif Naked – Sick = 1
Please vote for one song only

A Hero Next Door - "One Step Behind"
Aittala - "Numb"
Aminal - "Drag Me Away"
Anarbor - "Let The Games Begin"
bibleblack - "I Am Legion"
Chrome Coma - "Bow Down"
Dappled Cities - "The Price"
Jonathan Lee - "Close Your Eyes"
Junius - "Elisheva, I Love You"
Look Mexico - "You Stay. I Go. No Following."
Man Parts - "Motorcide"
RED9 - "Last Mistake"
Roman Candle - "Eden was a Garden"
Squeezebox - "Rude Awakening"


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