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Our goal as a band is to write intelligent, good, intricate music, but to also make it appealing for the mainstream without sacrificing anything,” says lead singer Loren Taylor of the newly signed Round Kid Records band TERRA TERRA TERRA.

Since its formation, the band has been tirelessly touring the central Florida music scene as well as almost every major city east of the Mississippi, building their fan base and winning audiences over. In 2007, TERRA TERRA TERRA released its debut album, SELF TITLED, and driven by a growing local buzz and positive returns on CD sales, the band caught the attention of emerging record label Round Kid Records, a sub-division of Bonded Records, distributed by Universal.

Influenced by Lovedrug, The Working Title, Incubus, Pink Floyd, Pilot Speed, what the band would like their own fans to walk away with after hearing their music is that, according to Taylor, “we always try to add a level of depth into our music, because we don’t think it should be the same old stale music experience. We want to be catchy, but we also want to be unique enough to where people can respect the music.”


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