First batch of RBN tracks hitting the PS3 on 4/22

Hey gang,

We're thrilled to announce that tomorrow (Thursday 4/22) we'll see the first batch of Rock Band Network tracks hit the PS3! We've looked at the download numbers and the feedback on the forums and we've put together a selection of some of the most popular tracks for this initial group. Here's what's hitting the PS3 tomorrow:

Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies (Live)
Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
The Shins - Australia
The Slip - Even Rats
Steve Vai - For the Love of God (Live)

We're still going to keep any eye on the forum feedback to put together future releases on the PS3, and we'll continue to work with Sony to ensure that we're able to get as much content out as consistently as possible without disrupting the regular weekly RB DLC flow. We're still working on finding the best RBN solution for the Wii, which has it's own entirely different set of technical challenges, but we'll let you know as soon as we have more news.

You can turn your eyes down one post to get some additional info from RBN guru HMXjohnd. Thanks again to the all the PS3 RBN fans for your patience!


  • HMXJohnDHMXJohnD Harmonix Developer & One Man Dance Party
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    Hi Guys:

    I just wanted to take a quick second to clarify how RBN tracks will be rolling out on the PS3. As HMXHenry just confirmed, we'll be launching 5 great tracks tomorrow from the RBN catalog in the PS3 RBN store. These tracks are awesome. Get excited.

    Because of the way submissions work on PS3, we will only be able to release songs when we update the normal Rock Band DLC store (currently Thursdays). Furthermore, because of the way the submissions process works, we're currently capped at 5 songs per week. We're working hard to expand the number of songs we'll be able to do each week, but for now you can expect 5 songs a week, every week, plus your normal DLC releases.

    We're using a few different criteria to pick these select tracks. The best selling tracks play into it, but we're also balancing that information with songs that we know are in demand from the core Rock Band users. Keep being (politely) vocal about what songs you want to bring over! We have a long lead time for submissions, but we'll continue to tweak what we bring over based on what we're hearing from you!

    To be clear, the reason that we can update in real-time on Xbox 360 is because Rock Band Network on Xbox 360 is built on the XNA infrastructure that allows users to submit their own content, with the sales and distribution of those tracks managed by the XNA backend. That infrastructure doesn't exist on other platforms. We're looking into ways to bring as much stuff over as possible, but there are practical realities that aren't in our immediate control. We hope you understand.

    I can only ask you to believe us when we say that we're limited in what we can currently do, but we want to bring as much music to you as possible. We're working on it and we hope you enjoy the songs we do bring in the meantime. We want your feedback, especially if the discussion is civil and informed.

    Otherwise, Rock On!

    Program Manager, Rock Band Network
    Manager, Communications - HMX
  • bigmfbigmf Tiny Hulk Smash!
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    Flogging Molly on PS3! Thanks Guys!
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited April 2010
    Awesome, thank you so much. :)
  • moose39moose39 Road Warrior
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  • AerithLovesTifaAerithLovesTifa Opening Act
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    EVEN RATS **** Yeah =D
  • striderblackstriderblack Road Warrior
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    Australia is a personal favorite of mine - it's not the most complicated thing in the world, but it's a really great song to sing and play. Definitely recommend it for you PS3ers looking for something new.
  • edited April 2010
    They picked a great group for the first 5, I own several and would recommend them highly.
  • AbaddonAbaddon Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    I'm excited to finally get some hard information! Thanks guys.

    Five tracks a week might not seem like a lot to 360'ers (and I am sure some PS3'ers), but knowing that it will be five tracks every week is great news.

    For those of us who are ignorant, should we use the request-a-song feature to request RBN songs, or is there somewhere else we should go to make sure our requests are visible? While I am asking PLEASE consider bringing over Push Push Lady LIghtning :D as soon as is humanly possible.

    And, on another note, I hope the Wii situation gets sorted out soon for our Wii friends who are still not getting any tracks.
  • jasonrosenbaumjasonrosenbaum Rising Star
    edited April 2010
    Thank the lord. This news is going to save me from having to buy an XBOX. And I'll definitely pick up the Shins song.

    Big ups to HMX for getting this done!
  • ArmorForVIctorArmorForVIctor Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    thank you guys i will probably pick up even rats i just want to voice out of all the RBN songs i would love to see all The Main Drag songs as well as all Flight Of The Conchords songs make there way to us PS3 users
  • bigmfbigmf Tiny Hulk Smash!
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  • LiquidKourageLiquidKourage Opening Act
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    Not a bad first 5 at all, good to see some well-known artists in the mix (Steve Vai, Flogging Molly). As a member of the Bar Night Program and a PS3 user, all I ask is that the artists with widespread exposure (Third Eye Blind, Stroke 9, Flight of the Conchords, etc.) make it over to PSN, so that our more casual patrons can choose from songs they are the most likely to be familiar with.
  • The-Dude1212The-Dude1212 Rising Star
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    I have faith in you guys to bring the Wii up to speed.

    I (nor anyone else I hope) would blame you though for not being able to achieve full RBN parity this console generation for Nintendo or Sony, if ever. Too much content to prepare with the current technology offered by the consoles.

    I at least hope you can fix the exportability issue on Wii by the time RB3 rolls around :p
  • NightmarezNightmarez Opening Act
    edited April 2010
    Yes finally, and thankfully one of the Vai tracks!!!
    Thank you HMX.
  • ShaleDirkShaleDirk Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    I appreciate the official answer as to why there is the limit of RBN downloads on PS3. This makes alot of sense given the circumstance, and I feel a little bit better about the perceived favouritism for 360 that has been going on.

  • ammar91994ammar91994 Opening Act
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    Great selections guys for the first songs! :D Definitely picking up Code Monkey and will give the other ones a listen.

    I'm content with 5 songs a week but it would be great to see that expanded in the future, I'm just really glad any tracks finally made their way over. It's good to know things will be consistent. Some clarification on prices would be nice, but its only a day away so the wait won't be too bad.

    One personal request of mine is "Kick Some Ass" by Stroke 9. "Little Black Backpack" appears to be selling better based on that Keldon site, but I think the chart for this song looks a lot more fun.
  • XygnusXygnus Rising Star
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    **** yeah, and Steve Vai is on the first batch. OH AND IT'S FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. **** YEAH.
  • EasilyAmusedEasilyAmused Opening Act
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    bigmf;3645549 said:
    Erm.... Pricing?
    Yeah, prices would be cool.

    "Code Monkey"!! :D

    I was excited about the possibility of getting this when I saw it first announced for RBN while being slightly depressed that I had no idea when and if it was coming to the PS3.

  • tanuki-greentanuki-green Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    Thank you guys! I'm really glad the wait is over. Personally, I can't wait to play Code Monkey (or any other Jonathan Coulton for that matter). Also - thank you for the in depth description on how things will be working for the PS3. We really do appreciate having that kind of information.
  • kal_el_0724kal_el_0724 Opening Act
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  • WhiteyMcToolWhiteyMcTool Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    Would have loved for Push Push to have made it right off the bat, but you gotta save one of the early hitters for the second batch, eh? Looking tremendously forward to Vai, Coulton, and Flogging Molly. And aw hell, Even Rats for some of that good ol' GH1 nostalgia...

    Y'know what, forget it, I'm getting everything.
  • vicpacvicpac Opening Act
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    Should we also be expecting a patch for the PS3 or did we already get the RBN store in the last one?
  • SinistershadowSinistershadow Opening Act
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    thats great news thanks
  • NocturnalNocturnal Rising Star
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    vicpac;3645574 said:
    Should we also be expecting a patch for the PS3 or did we already get the RBN store in the last one?
    I believe on PS3 it's just integrated as DLC, like all the rest of the DLC. Which is part of why they can't just give it to us directly, because they have to recompile it all and what not.

    Also: As soon as possible: Midnight Riders, please.
  • JoshuaB81285JoshuaB81285 Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    bigmf;3645549 said:
    Erm.... Pricing?
    I'm going to assume pricing would be the same on PS3 that they cost on 360...just my assumptions though. Which if I remember correctly, each one of those is $2 except Flogging Molly, which is only $1.
  • ScottyTheBodyScottyTheBody Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    Well there's two that I will definitely be getting. I'm hoping the others that I want come soon too.
  • Carpe_DiemCarpe_Diem Road Warrior
    edited April 2010
    What about 360 but another coutries? when will they arrive?
  • edited April 2010
    Great to see the first RBN tracks coming our way, even if there's nothing in that first batch that I'm interested in. Still, there's always the weeks after. It's only the beginning! :)
  • MrHartgraveMrHartgrave Road Warrior
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    I have only one word...KMFDM
  • zachman3001zachman3001 Unsigned
    edited April 2010
    HMXHenry, I love you.

    Even Rats, For the Love of God, and Code Monkey shall be mine >:D

    And was that the promise of 5 RBN songs a week, every week, on the PS3? I can live with that, very much so. Very happy with this.
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