Problem with Rock Band Music Store

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I have a PS3 connected to the Internet and I want to download new songs like The Used and Lady Gaga but I dont see these songs in the Rock Central Server (Rock Band Music Store), on Rock Band 2. I can't see the New Releases Songs. My PS3 and the game is at the latest versions. I downloaded songs like Blink 182 and 30 Seconds to Mars packs but now I can't see the new songs and I want to download some !

Please tell me how I can download the new songs in the game in the Music Store of Rock Band 2 and not in the PlayStation Store because I want to listen de preview !

Thanks !


  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
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    Just wait and try again. There's a glitch were sometimes songs disappear but they eventually pop back up. You can still buy them from the PSN store and you can also get previews on Youtube.
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