No audio/30-sec playable previews on PS3 RBN

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Hey all! First off, I would like to congratulate Harmonix on successfully launching the Rock Band Network on the PS3! I love you guys!
I know it's only the first day and these features may still be being pushed out and bugs being fixed, but this is just intended to inform the Harmonix team.

1. There are (currently) no audio previews avaliable for any of the songs. Also, there isn't an option to download a free 30-second playable preview of the song. Not sure if this was promised, but the 360 has it.

2. When you choose browse from the main part of the RBN in-game store, all of the choices have the number 5 next to them. These songs are not in 5 different languages, from 5 different decades, and from 5 different countries. (At least, I highly doubt this.) The problem is fixed for example once you choose an option. (Ex. Genre says 5, but when you click on it there are only 3 genres.)

Other than these minor launch day issues, the store looks incredible!
I love you guys! :)

PS- Please choose foreign language songs eventually for the PS3. My preferred language is French, although I speak English quite well. :cool:

HMX Henry: The previews didn't go live today (as we had hoped) when we "flipped the switch" that HMXjohnd alluded to yesterday. We're almost positive we know why the audio previews aren't popping up and we've got a fix in place but we probably won't be able to roll it into place until the PSN store updates next week. Everything else appears to be running smoothly in the US and EU stores so enjoy this first batch of RBN tracks and next week we should have the audio previews working as intended. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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