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by any chance could we get anything of Reinkaos im not sure if their label would but it would be cool if a chart is in the works


  • QuazifujiQuazifuji Opening Act
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    I'm not sure if you're misunderstanding RBN or not (since a lot of people requesting bands for RBN misunderstand how it works), but if you're suggesting that someone chart one of the songs, then the band/label/whoever owns the rights has to do the charting or hire someone to chart it. People can't just chart any song they want and upload it to RBN. They need the rights to the song, or a contract from someone who does have the rights.

    If you're not misunderstanding RBN (or were but now have that cleared up) and want these songs to be put in, you should get in touch with the band/their manager/their record label. Let them know what RBN is, how it works, and that you'd love to see them put their music in the game (suggestions for what specifically to say can be found here), and hopefully they'll look into it and you'll see their songs show up eventually.
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    well know i know how it works, but i was wondering if any one is charting them atm and if they already have there masters or w/e u have to do
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    there is a label involvement thread somewhere down the thread list that youll find them in IF its known to be being worked on(if the band has a label at least)
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