RBN (Europe) Big time fail!

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Wow again i have tried to connect to the RBN to purchase some new songs but what happens when i do, i get disconnected within 20 seconds of connecting to RBN.
People from the UK have said they have the same problem and the best time to connect is early in the morning when most of America is a sleep.
Connecting in the morning makes no difference i still get disconnected after about a couple of minutes or so.
I've contacted Harmonix many of times hoping to find an answer but not once have they responded. What good is there being an RBN if people from the UK suffer with disconnecting issues. I spend alot of my hard earned money on DLC each week (many in the Rock Band Store) and all i ask for is a descent service.
Harmonix sort it out!:mad:


  • DarkHeartsDieDarkHeartsDie Road Warrior
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    now i don't know what system you're on, but the rock band network is fairly new both to the 360 and especially to the ps3, so harmonix has a lot of things to work out of the system for everyone around the world to be able to access it, the only thing that you can possibly only do besides complain about the situation, is to be patient and wait for harmonix to work it out without being complained too about it because that is not going to get it fixed any faster than it is now

    we're all on the same boat dude, europe and north america, even if north america is able to get it's kinks worked out before europe is able too, so just be patient
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