Fear Without Reason

camero1970camero1970 Rising Star
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Did anyone else by their song "Home" ? I honestly think its a great song and when I checked their myspace, I saw that they broke up. That kinda sucks cause these guys are actually pretty good. Im not a fan of most types of music like this band is but this is actually a good song.

Im just wondering everyone else's opinions on the song. Who else bought it?


  • weirdphilweirdphil Road Warrior
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    Haven't bought it, but it's one of those songs that if I listen to the audio clip anymore I may buy it. Sucks to hear that they broke up, did it say if it was before or after the song was submitted?
  • camero1970camero1970 Rising Star
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    Probably before. They broke up in February.
  • FairwoodStudiosFairwoodStudios Road Warrior
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    Yea, it really does suck. We kept our hands out of it officially, but I was definitely trying to convince them to stick together.

    The situation's a tad more complex than their Myspace makes it sound; first the vocalist walked out, and the band still technically existed. Then, I think it was the drummer that left. The implication is a little different; FWR still existed, just without some members. I know the guitarist is still trying to get groups together, and he still manages the FWR stuff. (It's entirely possible his new group will even have the same name.)

    Fortunately, we had the legal cleared up, so we didn't have to abandon that track. But I wouldn't expect anything more until the guitarist Ste puts something new together; getting in touch with the vocalist or drummer for new projects doesn't seem likely.
  • ThatAuthoringGroupThatAuthoringGroup Numero Uno Super **** Fanboy #1
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    Well that sucks.

    Home was an awesome track.
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