RBN Bands: How Do You Promote Your Songs?

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Hey RBN Bands! I'm putting together a Zine article and want to know how you are promoting your songs in Rock Band Network. What are some of the ways you are getting the word out to existing and potential fans? The more creative the better! Share your ideas and your band might just become part of the Zine. (Even more exposure!)

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  • TehShrikeTehShrike Opening Act
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    I (drummer for The Nebraska Sailing Authority) held a contest giving away MS points and XBL subscriptions to some of the first people to FC our song: http://www.nebraskasailingauthority.com/?p=166

    The 4 guys who posted this video got a year's subscription to XBL apiece.

    3 other people who FCd the song individually were given 1600MSP each.
  • ThatAuthoringGroupThatAuthoringGroup Numero Uno Super **** Fanboy #1
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    I'm not in a band, but when I find a favorite song/chart I post about it on the facebook page of the music store where I work. It's a feature I call New Music Wednesdays.

    Trying to get the word out anyway possible :D
  • murphmurph Rising Star
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    Not a band, but here's one consumer's opinion...

    I know there are a lot of ways for people to sample the songs - 30 second in-game store previews, demo version, YouTube charts, etc...

    But in my opinion, since I have not heard of many of these bands, the first thing I usually seek out is a free audio stream of the song to listen too. I find myself searching Lala.com or Last.fm or Googling just so I can listen to it first and see if it's something I'd be interested in.

    The bonus of these services is that even if I don't like that particular song, I will still usually click one or two other songs to see if I'm interested in the band's other stuff.

    K.I.S.S. Keep it simple. One-click to listen to the song is a million times easier than turning on the Xbox, loading up RB2, and headed to the music store. Chances are the first time I hear about your song will be on my computer, not the Xbox. Chances are, I'm also at work where I can listen to music in the background, but can't fire up the Xbox.

    I'm glad those preview and demo features are there, but you've got to pass my "listen test" to make it that far. Charts are cool too but they take time and effort to make and upload. When/wherever you choose to announce your song's availability - give me the ability to listen to it as easy as possibly.
  • SayburrSayburr The Always Informative Rock Band Forum Guru
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    Not being in a band, I am still trying to do my part to promote RBN songs. I have started a weekly poll where fans can vote on the best song released for the week. At the end of the month, the weekly winners are then placed in another poll to determine the “Rock Band Fan Choice Song of the Month”.

    The results were posted on Rockbandaide.com and were also sent to HMXThrasher for possible inclusion on the ‘zine page.

    Last month, there was a tie for the winning slot between Bang Camaro’s “Push Push (Lady Lightning)” and Quartered’s “Africa”. My hope is people would take a closer look at these fan favorite songs and purchase them.


    I have seen several bands trying to promote their songs through contests announced in posts on these boards, but they are always shut down due to Harmonix policy. It would be nice if there were someplace on these boards where bands could let it be known that contests were going on or bands were doing other things to promote their song(s) such as free MP3 downloads or discounts on CDs… but I digress, I am getting away from the central topic.
  • dman2309dman2309 Road Warrior
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    I think the best promotion so far I've seen is the free mp3 downloads like James William Roy, DNA's Evolution, and others have done. You get to share the music with people and say "Oh yeah, I learned about this band/artist from RBN. You should definitely check them out!"
  • TehShrikeTehShrike Opening Act
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    I added my band's song to Amiestreet specifically because of this playlist (made by the awesome James William Roy): http://amiestreet.com/playlist/0MlQ-fu_lJQx

    The song has also been downloadable from the band home page.
  • jawillroyjawillroy Rising Star
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    Word of mouth. "I have always relied on the kindness of strangers."
  • justjaekjustjaek Unsigned
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    Combination of all the above. Press releases to area publications, word of mouth, contests, making fools of ourselves by taping us playing our track, live shows, streaming songs from our site....just try to make the music as easy to find as possible.

    Article on doing interactive RBN promotions
  • RobbySuaveRobbySuave Rising Star
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    I have posted gameplay videos on youtube, made my friends play through my song in Audition as I was working on it, and once my song gets approved and on the store, I would pay money to see anyone I know sing it.
  • rose_of_jerichorose_of_jericho Opening Act
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    We are going to be releasing three tracks from our new album "Out of the Maze" that will hopefully hit the RBN store at the same time the album is available this summer. We are also going to hold contests for high scores on these tracks and give away merch and CD's.
  • RockBandAideRockBandAide Opening Act
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    I've been trying to feature RBN artist interviews on my site. If people enjoy them and the artists appreciate them, I'll continue to do so. Otherwise, I'm here for the community, so I'm open to all feedback anyone may have.
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