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#1 current Wii Beatles Band

Main Instrument(s) (1st/2nd)

MS-King (Drums/Guitar)
Megaman (Vocals/Bass)
2MuchRain (Bass/Guitar)
Tobz (Vocals/Drums)
Chris236 (Guitar)
RNPro (Guitar)
TrueRoach (Guitar)
Rockybell (Drums)
Memku (Guitar/Bass)
LuffyFan (Vocals/Bass)
xxJorgexx (Guitar/Bass)

Sylar (hasn't added back)

Must be all members from band extra's/randoms are EXCLUDED (Will be consistantly updated)
Rank 1 (On-Disc)
·Yellow Submarine ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz/xxJorgexx~
-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz/xxJorgexx~
-If I Needed Someone ~MS-King/2MuchRain/LuffyFan/xxJorgexx~
-Ticket to Ride ~MS-King/RNPro/Megaman/Chris236~
-Don't let me Down ~MS-King/2MuchRain/LuffyFan/Chris236~
-Dig a Pony ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz/Rockybell~
-I've got a Feeling ~MS-King/Chris236/Megaman/xxJorgexx~
-I want you (She's so Heavy) ~MS-King/RNPro/Tobz/Chris236~
-Day Tripper ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz/xxJorgexx~
-The End ~MS-King/TrueRoach/Megaman/RNPro~
-I me Mine ~MS-King/RNPro/LuffyFan/TrueRoach~
-Birthday ~MS-King/TrueRoach/Megaman/xxJorgexx~
-Taxman ~MS-King/RNPro/LuffyFan/TrueRoach~
-Octopus' Garden ~MS-King/RNPro/LuffyFan/TrueRoach~
-Eight Days a Week ~MS-King/RNPro/LuffyFan/TrueRoach~

Rank 1 (DLC)
·Her Majesty ~MS-King/Chris236~
-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) ~MS-King/Tobz/Megaman/Rockybell~
-Michelle ~MS-King/Megaman/LuffyFan/xxJorgexx~
-Fixing a Hole ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz/Rockybell~
-You Never give me your Money ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz/xxJorgexx~
-Wait ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz/xxJorgexx~
-She's Leaving Home ~MS-King/2MuchRain/Tobz~
-All you Need is Love ~MS-King/RNPro/Megaman/LuffyFan~
-Lovely Rita ~MS-King/Chris236/Megaman/xxJorgexx~
-Within you Without you ~MS-King/Megaman/Tobz/Rockybell~
-Golden Slumbers Medley ~MS-King/2MuchRain/LuffyFan/TrueRoach~
-Norwegian Wood ~MS-King/2MuchRain/LuffyFan/TrueRoach~

1: All you Need is Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_trrZla33QE
2:Ticket to Ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDSYwx65F3o


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    these threads belong in Band Wanted. Generally, if you find that a moderator has locked or closed your thread it is not a good idea to reopen it.

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