Removing songs?

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Sorry if this has been asked before.

I read that artists can remove their songs from RBN if they wish. First, has anybody actually done that yet?

If I had purchased that song, would it remain on my system or be removed?

I assume if it was removed I would be compensated?

If it is not removed, would I be able to re-download it if I had to replace my PS3?

What would happen if something similar to the amazon kindle 1984 situation arose? (a misunderstanding on who owns the rights to a work and it has to be removed)


  • MarklefordMarkleford Opening Act
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    At the very least, it *will* remain on your system.

    I doubt you would be able to re-download it, though: my understanding is that it is completely removed from the store.

    - m
  • LuigiHannLuigiHann Stormtrooper
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    If a song is removed, it gets taken off the storefront but it would remain on your system, and I believe that it remains on the server so that those who own it can redownload (edit: I could be wrong on this). So far it has only happened with songs that were on the website listing but not on the in-game store. And yes, the most likely reason it might happen is due to unforeseen ownership issues.
  • SkodeSkode Headliner
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    If youve downloaded it once it will remain on your gamertag download history to redownload at your leisure even if you delete after its been pulled from the marketplace outright.
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