Ultra Saturday Interview!

wesjett08wesjett08 Rising Star
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Hey guys, I just wanted to hop by and let everyone know that we just did and interview with the very awesome and always informative 'rockbandaide.com' If you wanted to know more about the band behind RBN hits Not My Fault and Superhero then be sure to check it out.


To keep this on topic, How many of you are currently enjoying the songs we've got out so far?


  • TKSTKS Road Warrior
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    I saw a link to that on your facebook page before seeing it here and just read it a few minutes ago. Interesting article and yes I have downloaded both of your songs that are up now and plan to buy any more that you release. I really like Not My Fault and Superhero and they have both become big hits among several of my friends who come over frequently to play rock band, kind of like rock band parties I geuss.
  • dinomandinoman Rising Star
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    i enjoy the songs very much thank you, but i haven't been able to find Not My Fault on iTunes though.. would like to buy it as an mp3 file too..

    btw, any more songs comin?
  • wesjett08wesjett08 Rising Star
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    We don't have anything on iTunes yet, We're rushing as fast as we can to get some stuff out there somehow.

    We might be putting up a short demo on amiestreet.com for purchase soon.

    And yes, Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have the full album done and authored ... We'll be debuting new matieral at the next show so be on the lookout for some live recordings to hit our myspace sometime soon too.
  • jawillroyjawillroy Rising Star
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    Sweet RBA interview, Wes! Looking forward to hearing the next stuff you kick out there.
  • rose_of_jerichorose_of_jericho Opening Act
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    cool stuff. that six finger thing is really wild. Very Princess Bride.
  • itzJVitzJV Road Warrior
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    Love their tracks on RBN, but kinda wished they did better with the bass tracks. I could hardly hear or feel any kind of rumble.
  • wesjett08wesjett08 Rising Star
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    Don's bass tone isn't a 'Rumbly' one ... It's more in line with typical punk bass tones you'll find with Green Day and Blink-182, Mid-rangey and high end. Probably didn't help that his bass strings were a little on the worn side for NMF, You can tell they were new for Superhero!

    That and we're a bunch of 20 year old dumb kids who record in a bedroom studio :p
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