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So I have an issue with one of the RBN songs I downloaded. It's a quality thing and I understand I maybe should have done more research before simply assuming that these songs would be of comparable quality as official DLC releases.

My issue is that the Semi Charmed Life 09 track is... horrid quality. I really regret buying it. Not like I could preview it since I'm on PS3 though. Basically the tracks vocals were almost inaudible, and I'm just really not happy with it, so I wanted to complain. There's not really a good place to complain about that I could find though. I don't think EA Customer Support is going to give a ____ about the quality of a track, so I just wanted this to be heard/read.

If someone can link me to a better place to make my complaint, by all means please do, I just didn't know where else to look than here.


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    It's actually a known issue that can't be fixed. There are some songs that get through peer reviewing and play testing one way or another that have bad audio mixing. I know when this song first was released people were complaining about it, but the only people anyone can blame are the people who authored the track and the people who reviewed it.
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    Rate it low. That's the best you can do.

    It also seems to be a system thing. Some people think it's an issue, others don't.

    I'm avoiding it because of that.
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