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During an early audition with their vocalist back in early 2004, the collective energy of what would soon become YOUR HORRIBLE SMILE inspired a fresh burst of creativity and the song “Shot at the Title” was written within their first 3 hours together, largely on the basis of musical and lyrical improvisation. The song would later be recorded (twice), aired on college football games across the country, and featured as the lead track of the band’s eponymously-titled and self-produced debut release [the “Mona Lisa” EP] Late fall of 2006 saw the airing of “Shot at the Title” on ABC network TV as a backing soundtrack for a number of high-profile college football games, and in Feb 2007 the band finally packaged and released “The Village Sessions EP”, currently available online through
All former members of YOUR HORRIBLE SMILE are currently active in various musical projects throughout the country.

CD can be found here-
Rockband link -

Interview with Jason on Metal
Jason - Guitarist and Producer will pop in every now and then say to say hi !
Look for Jasons other projects- Moving Picture Show ,OWL
and Kid Fantastic Noah Engh


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