Still some Mixing Issues

Thrasher9294Thrasher9294 Opening Act
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I don't know if it's just me, but I'll start from the beginning.

I've been waiting for The Funeral ever since I had Rock Band.
It's fun to play, and to sing, and I can't wait for a party to break it out.

However, why does it sound so quiet compared to the other songs?

I hate to be so picky, but it feels the same way that Semi-Charmed Life did, only instead of being horribly mixed, it just seems like I have to turn my system up loudly to be equalized with other songs.

Does anyone else see this?


  • DragoonXDDragoonXD Road Warrior
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    The Funeral was fine sound wise when I played it three times last night.
  • Thrasher9294Thrasher9294 Opening Act
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    Odd, to me it sounds very quiet. I've tried changing it to Dolby Digital (Optimized for my set-up) but it still sounded fairly low to me.

    Odd, I've never had any other problem like this with a song.
  • ForToday777ForToday777 Opening Act
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    While I haven't played that song the A Day to Remember song "I'm Made of Wax Larry..." was ruined beyond belief by mixing issues, at least I feel that way. I couldn't wait to download the song, and I should have saved the money. I tried switching everything, they overpowered the screaming, with the harmonies which you can barely hear on the record. Hopefully, with the issue becoming more evident, more people will take notice to fix it.
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