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So today I finally got to buy some RBN songs, and boy am I disappointed. You guys are always talking about how songs never get passed peer review, and today I found two songs that should have never came to RBN.

First of all, there shouldn't be so many note charters. I downloaded the song, "We are the nightmare" by Arsis, and the drum chart is such a mess! I don' think that guy who charted it knew what he was doing, and obviously the people who let it go were smoking a bunch of pot. I really feel like I just wasted $2 on the song. Really. Drums. MESS.

And then I downloaded this techno song just because the preview was... uhh.. didn't matter. I thought that the drum chart would be extremely repetitive on the hi-hat. Well it was, but it was also a horrible chart. The parts where the hi-hats would've supposedly been hit a lot were also undercharted. You could here a lot of notes (and I listen to a lot of techno - well, used to), but all I saw was a crap job at the charting.

But my main beef is Arsis' "We are the nightmare". Why in god's name would anyone let that song get passed review with such a messy drum chart. I know a lot of death metal songs are really crazy on drums, but this one looked like the person had no patience to keep the notes on beat whatsoever.

So, I wasted 240 MSP ($3) on junk songs which I knew I should have looked at the charts first. I almost thought I had to call up HMX and call them all r-tards for bringing out the RBN.

HMX should just be left to the charting themselves. They are the only good ones that can make a perfect chart.


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