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So today I finally got to buy some RBN songs, and boy am I disappointed. You guys are always talking about how songs never get passed peer review, and today I found two songs that should have never came to RBN.

First of all, there shouldn't be so many note charters. I downloaded the song, "We are the nightmare" by Arsis, and the drum chart is such a mess! I don' think that guy who charted it knew what he was doing, and obviously the people who let it go were smoking a bunch of pot. I really feel like I just wasted $2 on the song. Really. Drums. MESS.

And then I downloaded this techno song just because the preview was... uhh.. didn't matter. I thought that the drum chart would be extremely repetitive on the hi-hat. Well it was, but it was also a horrible chart. The parts where the hi-hats would've supposedly been hit a lot were also undercharted. You could here a lot of notes (and I listen to a lot of techno - well, used to), but all I saw was a crap job at the charting.

But my main beef is Arsis' "We are the nightmare". Why in god's name would anyone let that song get passed review with such a messy drum chart. I know a lot of death metal songs are really crazy on drums, but this one looked like the person had no patience to keep the notes on beat whatsoever.

So, I wasted 240 MSP ($3) on junk songs which I knew I should have looked at the charts first. I almost thought I had to call up HMX and call them all r-tards for bringing out the RBN.

HMX should just be left to the charting themselves. They are the only good ones that can make a perfect chart.


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    I'm glad you didn't focus on the negative side
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    Title says half garbage. Post says all garbage.
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    You're playing on Expert, right?
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    You should have looked up the charts on YouTube and seeing if you may like them before purchasing songs. This is not the fault of the charters and playtesters, but rather your own. If you don't like the job that the charters and playtesters are doing, become one and 'deliver' what they could not.

    Also, you seem to be judging the quality of ALL songs on RBN by the two songs that you bought. Each song is its own entity. They will all have different qualities. Although you may hate the drum chart for "We Are the Nightmare," someone else may have loved it.
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    There are actually a lot of charts where the charters did get it right. Like ^ said. Do some research.
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    Feel free to rephrase your criticism in a more constructive manner, citing specific issues and how they should be approved upon. Better yet, put your money where your mouth is and become a peer reviewer.

    But this thread, from its inflammatory title to the casual insults towards charters and reviewers in the post content, is in incredibly poor taste. A little civility really isn't too much to ask.
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