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House, trance, ambient, energy... Electronica is far bigger in the UK and most of europe than in North America. However.. There is a ton of good stuff out there. I doubt many people here listen to much techno, but if you do, who're your favorites?

I personally prefer house, DnB, and some trance, as long as it has a good beat and isn't repetitive. I hate cliche'd 'chicks singing crap lyrics for e-tards' as well.

Some of my favorites...

Pendulum [Australian DnB]
Ministry of Sound [Huge electronica empire with several clubs]
Global Underground [series of mixes by different dj's... My favorite is Sasha Ibiza]
Beck [Everyone knows beck]
Aphex Twin [Ambient/House]
Digweed [Progressive House]
Sasha [Prog. House]
Chemical Brothers [Bigbeat]

For me, Beck was an introduction to the genre. He's more of a unique crossover artist so it's a good place to start. From there.. You'll find that there is a ton of crap to sift through when it comes to compilations. And god knows techno loves its compilations. Sometimes you'll only find 3 or 4 songs out of 18-20 on a whole album, but those songs will rock your socks off. Other times you find an artist and like it all.

So make some recommendations, I'm always looking for new stuff to listen to


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    Well, maybe you'll like these:

    Massive Attack (Trip-Hop)
    Aphrodite, Goldie, Roni Size, Squarepusher (DnB)
    DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, UNKLE (not too sure about the genre)
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    RevenGer;20223 said:
    Well, maybe you'll like these:

    Massive Attack (Trip-Hop)
    Aphrodite, Goldie, Roni Size, Squarepusher (DnB)
    DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, UNKLE (not too sure about the genre)
    Shadows awesome... i like endtroducing. massive attack [aka smirnoff vodka music] is decent... I've never heard of goldie or aphrodite though.

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    You should check out Kenna if you haven't already. I enjoy his music.
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    Keagan2387;20301 said:
    You should check out Kenna if you haven't already. I enjoy his music.
    DJ kenna or just kenna? What genre?
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    Kenna is pretty cool. Sort of crunchy and lo-tech at times.

    My faves include Ladytron, Goldfrapp, Prodigy, The Orb, Miss Kittin, I Monster, RJD2, Orbital, Royksopp, and naturally Kraftwerk.
  • Rev0lverRev0lver Road Warrior
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    minus MSI, i'm more into industrial/industrial metal(somewhat electronica)

    Rites Of Ash
    Nine Inch Nails
    Suicide Commando
    Necessary Response
    Deadstar Assembely
    Opiate For The Masses
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    Underworld - "Beaucoup Fish," "Dubnobasswithmyheadman," or "Second Toughest in the Infants" are great albums.

    Future Sound of London - Anything between "Accelerator" (one of their first and not best)and "The Isness"(unless you like 60s style psychedelic music). Great ambient on "Lifeforms", "ISDN", and "Dead Cities". Check their alter ego Amorphous Androgynous

    Spooky - Not DJ Spooky, but one of the original early '90s pioneers. If you can find it, "Gargantuan".
  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    just got into this genre recently myself and i'm digging portishead, bjork, and justice
  • xtcdukesxtcdukes Unsigned
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    It begins and ends with Kraftwerk.
  • no_direction_homeno_direction_home Opening Act
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    the only electronica i listen to is dear solace www.myspace.com/dearsolace my fav. song is theres no crying in baseball
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    Some cds I personally liked.

    Binary Universe - BT
    Labyrinth - Juno Reactor
    Dungeon Master Guide - Diesel Boy
    Transport - Oakenfold

    Most of it's pretty new stuff, except for Transport.
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    I went to a 12 hour rave starting at 9 pm yesterday and it was prettttty amazing. 10,000 people and 16 stages. You could be standing in front of one DJ [or set of dj's] and then walk 10 feet away and hear that fade out and different music fade in... All outside, in a huge field in the middle of nowhere. It's called Apex, they have it every year here and it's one of Canada's premiere party events. Seems weird cause where I live is really not near any big cities.

    Lots of people twacked out on some substance or another, I was a little drunk to begin but I sobered up pretty quick. All in all it was great. About 6 or 7 really spectacular stages and I heard a lot of wicked sets. Kristoff was probably my favorite.. That guy had total, absolute crowd control. Saw another guy on that stage just before him but in the middle of a real good cut he did something wrong and the whole song went to half volume, followed by the crowd booing as he tried to figure out what the hell he just screwed up.

    But yeah. Lots of glowsticks. Lots of lights. Lots of DJ's. I got my dance on for 7 hours straight before we left and woke up halfway through today :p
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    I used to be huge on all types of rave-ish electronic music, but lately its been more of these genres which for the most part aren't very "rave".

    Technical Itch
    Dylan & Freak crew
    Evol Intent
    (I like the really dark heavy stuff)

    Industrial (pure)
    Skinny Puppy (fits in a few of these catagories actually)
    Velvet Acid Christ
    Frontline Assembly
    VNV Nation
    Thrill Kill Kult

    Industrial Rock/Metal
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    Rob/White Zombie

    IDM, experimental, Noise etc etc
    Otto Von Schirach
    Aphex Twin
    Venetian Snares

    Progressive House
    Satoshi Tomiee


    Then all kinds of 80s synth pop, too many to name though.
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