Songs You're Buying - RBN PS3 5/11

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From HMXHenry:

And here's the RBN songs coming to the PS3 on 5/12:
Between the Buried and Me - Mordecai ($1.99)
Blackmarket - Tongue Twister Typo ($1.99)
A Day to Remember - I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? ($1.99)
Mayday Parade - When I get Home You Are So Dead ($2.99)
Seether - Remedy ($1.99)

We're still correcting the issues with getting the RBN tracks out on the PS3 in the EU, but as a result the Mayday Parade, in all likeliness, won't make it into the 5/12 release in the EU. Our Audio Team is in touch with SCEE to make sure we get the correct tracks released on the same time line as the US PS3 releases and things should balance out in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience!
Definitely getting ADTR, possibly Seether.


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