Rbn help!!!

FinkeclanFinkeclan Unsigned
edited May 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Can anyone tell how to access rock band network. There are songs on there that I want but I only see them on rockband.com. I have a Wii. Is the Wii not connected to the RBN yet or what? It's driving me nuts. Thanks


  • TKSTKS Road Warrior
    edited May 2010
    the RBN is not available on the wii at all yet
  • weirdphilweirdphil Road Warrior
    edited May 2010
    Hit 360 around the 2nd week of march, hit PS3 around the 3rd/4th week of April... Wii owners 'might' have to wait until RB3, we don't know yet. But we're all sure HMX is working on that. :)
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