Web Content Week of 5/7 - 5/13

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“Can I Swear, Or Is That Bad?”: An Interview With Metal Band Skeletonwitch

HMX Alum, Eric Chon aka Veng catches up with drummer Derrick Nau and guitarist Scott Hedrick of Skeletonwitch to chat about their RBN track "Crushed Beyond Dust," playing smaller venues and big metal shows, and how awesome vinyl is.

New to RBN: 5/7/10

New tracks added to the Rock Band Network this week from The Main Drag, Finger Eleven, Band of Horses, and more! Plus new RBN tracks coming to PlayStation 3!

Judas Priest Brings All Of British Steel Live Album to Rock Band

Judas Priest toured through the summer of 2009, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the British Steel album by playing it live in its entirety every night. Now fans can celebrate too by playing live versions of all nine tracks from the album in Rock Band!

The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 16 – “Good Job Makin’ It”

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! We’ve got a very long and festive podcast for you this week. Pope starts off this week with a “So You Want to Be…” interview with Jim Toepel, QC Manager for Harmonix’s hardware department.


Check out this week's RBN picks, including tracks from Tumbledown, Scratching The Itch, and more!

Rock Band Nights In Germany

Our tall German friend Sebastien tells us all about RB bar nights in far away lands!

Nothing Like Mozart: An Interview with World Minus One

Kick ass RBN artists World Minus One give us the skinny on how they chose Still Alive as their first track to author, what percentage of their sound is influenced by Slayer and how to survive an alligator attack in your living room.
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