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This thread is to keep you up to date on Rose of Jericho releases in the Rock Band Network. For more info about Rose of Jericho visit our website:

If you would like to purchase our music, go here:

Video Previews of all ROJ RBN songs:
Rose of Jericho - Romancing the Ordinary | Pop-Rock | G:3 | B:1 | D:2 | V:4 | K:3 | ProK:3 | Band:2
Rose of Jericho - Buried Cold (RB3 Version) | Pop-Rock | G:2 | B:1 | D:4 | V:5 | K:3 | ProK:3 | Band:3
Rose of Jericho - Midnight Eyes (RB3 Version) | Pop-Rock | G:1 | B:0 | D:1 | V:3 | K:3 | ProK:3 | Band:1
Rose of Jericho - These City Lights | Pop-Rock | G:2 | B:0 | D:3 | V:5 | K:4 | ProK:4 | Band:3
Rose of Jericho - Find Beauty | Pop-Rock | G:1 | B:1 | D:0 | V:2 | K:2 | ProK:2 | Band:2
Rose of Jericho - Midnight Eyes | Pop-Rock | G:1 | B:0 | D:1 | V:4 | K:NA | ProK:NA | Band:1
Rose of Jericho - Signed With Love | Pop-Rock | G:3 | B:2 | D:3 | V:4 | K:NA | ProK:NA | Band:3
Rose of Jericho - Beautiful Machine | Pop-Rock | G:4 | B:2 | D:6 | V:5 | K:NA | ProK:NA | Band:4
Rose of Jericho - Wrong Side of the Sky | Pop-Rock | G:2 | B:3 | D:1 | V:3 | K:NA | ProK:NA | Band:1
Rose of Jericho - Buried Cold | Pop-Rock | G:2 | B:1 | D:4 | V:5 | K:NA | ProK:NA | Band:3
Rose of Jericho - Take Me Away | Pop-Rock | G:2 | B:2 | D:2 | V:6 | K:NA | ProK:NA | Band:2


Update 6/17/2012

Yep we're still here and even better news: "Romancing the Ordinary" has passed peer review. You should be seeing it in the store in a couple days. More to come!


Update 2/28/2011

Man oh man - its been a little bit since I posted but ROJ is still going strong. My schedule's been pretty packed with playing shows and recording music and doing band stuff in general. I've been slacking on the RB side of things BUT good news: Romancing the Ordinary just hit playtesting. We should be seeing that one coming soon. Also the new album is coming strong. Be watching for new music hitting playtesting soon! And - btw thanks for all of the support from the RB community. I don't know if other bands feel it as much as we do but our RB crowd are really an awesome group. I don't check my private messages much on the forums here but if you have a question or just want to shoot the ****, anybody on the boards can feel free to email me at matt at roseofjericho dot com.


Update 9/6/2011

Hey guys, its been a little while since I updated the thread so i thought I'd add what's been going on:

* We have released "These City Lights" with keys, harmonies and pro drums.
* Our music video for Midnight Eyes is now up. Check it out here.
* ROJ is RBN Artist of the Month for September. Check out an interview with me and Andrea here.
* Also we have had several songs released to PS3 so that is very cool too!

Thanks again to everyone for supporting us on Rock Band. I can't tell you how much a difference it has made. We have basically gone from one song on RBN to Artist of the Month and we have HMX and our fans to thank, so thanks!


Update 7/19/2011

Hey guys, sorry for the long delay in updates. We haven't disappeared; just been busy. Several things happening:

Find Beauty has been released for the PS3. WOOT!

And These City Lights has passed peer review so it should be in the store soon.

ROJ has been getting regular rotation on over 40 college radio stations across the US and we owe a lot of thanks to our fans on Rock Band. You guys have really supported us and we wanted to say thanks!. Check out our facebook page for a list of radio stations to see if we are getting airplay in your area!


Update 5/31/2011

Quick update, Midnight Eyes (RB3 version) is now in the RBN store with harmonies and pro keys. Check out a video here:

Midnight Eyes (RB3 version) Full Band

Also, by request, These City Lights is now in playtesting and will be coming to the store soon:

These City Lights Full Band Preview


Update 4/12/2011

Two new releases to RBN: you may have already noticed Buried Cold (RB3 Version) is now out with upgrade keys, pro drums, and harmonies and Find Beauty just hit the store today. Hope to have videos soon!

In celebration of getting our first RBN 2.0 song in the store, check out Andrea performing Buried Cold on vox:


Update 3/1/2011

Find Beauty is now in playtest! Go RBN 2! (Sorry we're pretty excited over here).


Update 2/16/2011

OK, we have a preview video of Find Beauty with pro keys, check it out here:

Also if you are curious about our re-releases we are working with RhythmAuthors to get Buried Cold and Take Me Away re-released with pro drums, pro keys, and harmonies. So you should be being seeing those soon!


Update 2/14/2011

Hope you guys are as excited about RBN 2.0 as we are. Charting for Find Beauty is done and we are just waiting for HMX to flip the switch and it will be in playtesting. As we're getting closer to releasing our first RBN 2 track we wanted to let you know that we decided to charge 160 msp for new tracks.

There was a lot of discussion on our end as our goal is to get our music out to as many people as possible. But from here on out all ROJ tracks will include pro keys, pro drums and harmonies. The amount of additional work that is going into the songs is really substantial, especially on the QA side. We want to make sure that every ROJ track is as good as anything that HMX would put out, and we feel the slight increase in price is fair considering the amount of work that is put in and the fact that we are self-releasing all of these tracks.

Also for re-released songs in RBN 2 we will be charging 80 msp, and treating re-releases like upgrades. We're always trying to look out for our fans that have already spent their money and we didn't feel it was right for them to have to re-buy a song at full price. Thanks to everyone that have supported us on Rock Band!


Update 1/19/2011

Well its been a little while since I posted here and I hope you guys had a great holiday break. The band had a nice chance to take a little breather over the holidays but we are back at it. With the release of the RBN 2.0 documentation we are well into charting Find Beauty to include harmonies and pro keys. We also have a couple more songs in the pipeline that will include pro keys as well. I'll update with more info as RBN 2.0 gets closer to release!


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