Will RBN be different once RB3 comes out?

mayhem117mayhem117 Road Warrior
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I've been wondering how different RBN will be once RB3 releases or if it will adapt to the changes at all.

Will they add the ability to chart harmonies and would people be able to do this correctly???
What about charting for the new instruments?

What do people think it will be like for RBN when RB3 releases.
I'm somewhat disappointed that awesome songs are released everyday but they'll be basic versions if HMX does allow people to update the way they chart their songs. Which means the stuff already released will be kept the way they are


  • KariodudeKariodude Road Warrior
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    There won't be any new instruments for RBN. I can guarantee that.

    As for harmonies, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if we get updated information and are able to chart harmonies for RBN songs.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    Harmonies will be possible.

    New animations may be possible.

    PS3 support may improve (more songs).

    Wii support will exist.

    If this will happen immediately or at some later date I'm unsure. My guess is at some later date.
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