Muse DLC. Period.

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The 6 Pack for the Poll:
1. Plug in Baby
2. New Born
3. Invincible
4. Knights of Cydonia
5. Stockholm Syndrome
6. Starlight

*UPDATED* Hysteria is available as DLC. 160 MS points, $1.99. Go buy it.

We'll go ahead and call this the Official Muse DLC thread since it is easily one of the biggest thread on "Your Ultimate Setlist, much less any other threads about Muse.

The goal of this is to get Muse in Rock Band. Well, we've done that. Goal completed. New goal? To make more Muse go into Rock Band.

Another goal of this thread: To make you as much of a fan of Muse as I am. When I started this thread I had no idea this many people shared the same fandom of Muse as I did. Well guys, what can I say. We're gonna get what we asked for.

Come on HMX, there's a demand here for more Muse. We've got some, we want more!

June 3rd update: tweaked the OP a little. Took out HTML because of the ******s posting Goatse and Bottleguy.


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