Interviewing RBN Artists: Harmonix Wants Your Input!

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Since January 2008, we've been publishing interviews on the Rock Band 'Zine. In fact, at this point, we're up to 51 articles in our interview section! (

There's a whole lot of amazing music coming through the Rock Band Network, and we're always hitting the street to talk to your favorite artists and ours. Who can we talk to on your behalf?

Go through this list and pick the top three Rock Band Network artists you'd like to know more about. Mix it up - pick top genre hits, pick your local favorites, pick folks you've never heard of, pick people who play for packed stadiums, pick musicians who are funny or fun or scary or controversial or just really, really skilled... or whatever else appeals to you. We can't promise to interview EVERY artist you request, but we'd like to hear your voice.

Three votes. Post your requests here. We're listening. Go!



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