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My band is getting our song on rock band right now i was curoius is it a hard process cause it seemed really easy to get the company we went with to do it mind due these are professional recordings. But yeah, like getting your song to rock band is it a hard thing to do and how long does it usually take...?

www.myspace.com/inmybirth "In My Head, Out My Head".

When it comes to unsigned artist do many people download them or try them...?

Just wondering aye.



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    Depends on how good the authoring company is you've got working with your song.

    I've seen some tracks go up into testing that were pretty much perfect and didn't need any work done to the charts and got through the process in about three - four weeks.

    However there are some that have a lot of charting issues, and need multiple revisions and can take months to get through.

    Not sure about the numbers. I know there's a lot of fans of the service(RBN) here on the forums that are buying a lot of music they've never heard of beforehand.
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    Without getting into too much detail about numbers, it's my understanding that Voodoo Pharmacology sold more copies of Minnesota in RBN than any of their albums or individual songs across other mediums. And they're not our best-performing artist.

    So yes, people do buy unsigned artists. If you manage to tap into the community's taste, you'll do way better than you may expect.
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