YOU decide the songs for the next review group 5/19 pt 1

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Here's the deal. Each friday I start a playtest/review group that agrees to do a song from each reviewer.

The goal is that each person does the song from everyone else's list to help get a group of songs through and into the store, instead of all of us just hitting songs willy nilly.

This has been pretty popular, AND it's getting the unknown bands in front of more people so I'm upping it to ten as of this week.

I'll post a poll that will run until Friday. One with the highest votes I'll use as my choice.

Though honestly all the songs are very solid, and any one of them would make a kick ass addition to the store(hopefully all of them will be soon, but I digress).

The poll is multiple choice btw.

A lot of the songs from last week passed(or is very close to doing so). So this week is going to be mostly new stuff.

Power of the Damager by Prong

All the Way by The Spittin' Cobras

Functional by Imperative Reaction

Into the Black Light by Ghost Brigade

We are the one by Anti Flag

Trapped in Yesterday by Chrome Coma
Note - this was the only video I could find. Please IGNORE the charting as this is a very old version. Use it for audio of the song only.

Until The Night by Free Spirit

Smash the Control Machine by Otep

Haunt my Mind by New Regime

American Hero - Ron Wasserman
Again old chart, use for audio purposes only


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