Declined an Album Promo gig...not showing up in Gigs list

thephenomthephenom Unsigned
edited May 2010 in LEGO: Rock Band
OK so basically I got one of those popups to play an Album Promo gig and I pressed Back because I didn't want to play it yet and when I looked at every vehicle and venue the gig was nowhere to be found. Now I am afraid this gig opportunity won't come up again and I won't be able to get the Veteran Performer achievement. Anyone know if this gig will popup again and be unlocked eventually?


  • Edify1Edify1 Rising Star
    edited May 2010
    I'm pretty sure it will. I finished the Rock Marathon gig and got the pop-up for the Endless Setlist, but I pressed back because I didn't have enough time to play it. Then I checked and it didn't show up.

    Yesterday when I started Lego Rock Band to play it, I got a pop-up right after selecting "Continue Tour" to play a gig I had apparently passed on before. So I'm thinking you should get the pop-up to play it next time you continue your tour.
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