Melodies of Memories (Community Mash-up Album) Debut

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The Album will be going up in parts on youtube tonight starting at 7:00 PM Eastern Pacific

I would provide a full-on link to download the album, (Make copies, give to friends!) but, I don't want to give Beatles songs away for free. If you can verify that you have the songs listed on the album (That are part of the mashups [Excluding Grand Finale, Crystal Falling Sky, and Memories]), then contact me and I will give you the album.

Melodies of Memories
1. Birthday In The U.S.S.R. by Jamzftw
2. Magical Mystery Weight by fatalfiend37
3. Lovely Rita is Getting Better at Fixing a Hole By CaptainKicker
4. Twist and Shout on a Hard Day's Night by SystemSCSnake
5. Help, Another Girl! by Jamzftw
6. Don't Ever Change by fatalfiend36
7. Honey Pie's Silver Hammer by Gamegyro
8. Steppin' Out This Old Brown Shoe Again by SystemSCSnake
9. Hey Lady Madonna by JcFTW61
10. Baby You're a Flying Rich Man by BlueJayGuy
11. Everybody's Got All Too Much to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey by D-Smoov45
12. It's Really All Too Much by Jamzftw
13. Strawberry Rain Forever by SystemSCSnake
14. Memories By BlueJayGuy
15. The Inner Love By Jamzftw

16. Michelle, A Taste of Girl by BlueJayGuy
17. From Me Till There was Honey Pie by BlueJayGuy
18. Hey Jude, The Walrus is So Heavy by Robbiecon
19. For Penny Lane by BlueJayGuy
20. Polythene Robert by CarryThatWeight
21. All The Fool On The Hill Needs is Love Now by Bridog7
22. Free As A Bird (Reprise) By TurlyBoy
23. The Crystal Falling Sky by SystemSCSnake
24. Grand Finale By SystemSCSnake


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